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Nursing Exam Nepal is an Online Nursing Exam Preparation Platform. Online Exam Preparation helps students to Practice Test in their own time from anywhere. It is most appropriate self assessment methods for nurses to check their ability.

Nursing Exam Nepal involves responding with emotion to people and students in a positive way.Fast response to the customer and their queries. Paying attention to the customer.we are more responsive to the customer changing needs.Employees who deal with customers use the information on the customer relationship management system, or CRM, to help them handle inquiries quickly and efficiently.

It is simply a short-answer question with a number of alternatives to choose from.Multiple choice questions are often called fixed choice, selected response or multiple choice items because they are not always questions, and they require students to select from among various options that are presented to them. The options are fixed.mcq are a form of assessment for which students are asked to select one or more of the choices from a list of answers. Structure of MCQs. MCQ consists of a stem and a set of options.Multiple choice items consist of a stem, the correct answer, keyed alternative, and distractors. The stem is the beginning part of the item that presents the item as a problem to be solved, a question asked of the respondent, or an incomplete statement to be completed, as well as any other relevant information. The options are the possible answers that the examiner can choose from, with the correct answer called the key and the incorrect answers called distractors.Only one answer can be keyed as correct. This contrasts with multiple response items in which more than one answer may be keyed as correct.

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